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Landmarks:                                                                      Food:

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The Walled City’s historical significance is not unknown; this 2000 years old city is the home of several ancient landmarks,
especially from the Mughal era.  Read more


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Lahoris are known as foodies hence any discussion about Lahore is incomplete without food.  Food is a major factor that acts as a bridge between the two different lifestyles of the new and old Lahore.  Read more  [/one_half_last]

Shopping:                                                                          Activities:

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Lahore, after Karachi, is the shopping hub of the country; from mega scale wholesale markets
like Shah Alam market, Urdu bazaar, paapri mandi, and many more to retailer markets like Liberty, Lahore offers a great shopping experiences for everyone.  Read more 

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Going out on a weekend night is an activity in itself, as the night of Lahore engulfs you with its plethora of lights, sounds, smells. Driving along the beautifully lighted canal or choosing to dine out, or go to the numerous clubs which offer facilities  Read more[/one_half_last]

Festivals:                                                                           Domestic:

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