The Food Streets of Lahore
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Lahoris have always had a great bond with food, and the best way to explore this bond is by visiting either the food street at Gawal Mandi, or romancing with the Walled City with great food at the New Food Street behind Badshahi mosque. While the Gawal Mandi food street gives a true experience of Lahori lifestyle, the magnificent night view of the Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque at the New Food Street has its own charm.


No matter which one your visit, from the famous chatpatta Lahori snacks to the traditional Lahori favorites like Neehari, Siri Paaye, Hareesa, Kheer, Falooda and many more, everything is available and that too from the experts at just once place. A must visit for tasting the true flavors of Pakistani food.