Opium Thai


 Amidst stylish interior and tranquil atmosphere our restaurant Opium Thai offers a diverse range of Thai food. Fiery curries sweltering in aroma of lemon grass and fresh herbs, steamy hot soups to oodles of noodles with spicy beef and chicken and garnished chilies and decadent desserts, Opium Thai offers the best food in town. Opium Thai also offers some of the yummiest dishes of Chinese and continental cuisines to satisfy the taste buds of our honored guests and to make their stay with us even more memorable.

In Room dining


 Feeling too lazy or want to surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed? Our in-room dining services are ideal for business travelers, families and couples. Royaute Luxury promises high quality room services in your private peace haven, and offers a 24 hour menu with food from cuisines ranging from Thai, Chinese, Pakistani and continental to satisfy not only every of your mood but also all age groups. Whether its morning tea, or hot pancakes, a luscious lunch or an appetizing dinner, your meal is simply a call away.

The Garden


 Tired of the indoors and want to enjoy your meals amidst nature? Opium Thai has just the right place for you then, our Garden restaurant is open from 9am to 11pm. Whether you want to enjoy your breakfast in the warmth of the beautiful sun, have your lunch in the peaceful shade of the greens or enjoy your dinner under the starry sky amid shimmering lights, our Garden is just the right place for you. We also serve delicious B.B.Q in the evening. So for once forget indoors and come romance with the nature to freshen up