Hafeez Centre – Information Technology Business Centre And Near by Hotels in Gulberg Lahore

Hafeez Center is an IT Hub of Lahore with shops and offices dealing with mobiles, laptops, computers and related accessories. Today is an era of technology where the need for technology is increasing day by day, in every walk of life whether hoteling, manufacturing, services, imports, exports, textile or dairy. So, getting all your technology products under one roof at one place having immense variety is definitely a heaven on earth for technology users. We are not talking about a Mall in Dubai but the best place for your technology shopping is an IT business plaza in Gulberg Lahore Pakistan where business worth hundreds of millions of rupees is conducted every day.

Hafeez Centre is the biggest computer market in Pakistan located at Gulberg Lahore at a few minutes’ walk from Royaute Luxury Suites and Hotel. It offers plenty of technology product at one place. It is an indoor shopping mall that is famous exclusively for technology products like computers, laptops, mobile phone, their spare parts as well as different types of accessories.

Hafeez Center Timing (During Covid)
Weekly opening hours:

Monday: 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Sunday: Off
Please check the timing from your respective host before your arrival and scheduled timings are changing very frequently in these uncertain times.

What are the key business activities?

It is without a doubt one of the largest markets for electronics in Pakistan and one of Asia’s biggest mobile phones market. If you want a variety of new and used cell phones, laptops and computers, then this is the market you should visit, you can find just about anything regarding mobile phones and computers. Hafeez Centre has more than 500 shops and countless stalls serving the technology needs of entire Pakistan. Here is a list of important activities being performed by Hafeez Centre:

  • Second hand branded computers and laptops
  • Laptops (new and used)
  • Printers (new and used)
  • Service Centers (mobiles, laptops, printers)
  • DVDs (software and multimedia)
  • Portable HDDs
  • Different kinds of mobile phones (new and used)
  • Tablets of famous brands (new and used)
  • Hardware (New and used)
  • LCDs (new and used)
  • Softwares Development Services


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Badges and Facts About Hafeez Center

As the years went by, the Center expanded both physically and in terms of stature. The first Nokia phones that started streaming into Pakistan could be found in Hafeez Center even in year 2021, as well as the sleeker Motorola phones that shopkeepers somehow had ways of producing even though there were no dealerships for them in Pakistan.
Kiosks selling mobile phone accessories popped up and even within the center, floors began to specialise. The ground floor was the hub for phones, laptops, and accessories. The basement for equipment like cameras, tripods, lighting equipment, as well as rarer things like gaming cables, converter USBs, and other hard to find products. The upper floors would specialise in building desktop computers, printers, repair shops, and other hardware accessories – low footfall shops but with products and services that have a higher margin.
People visit here to get quality products. It has wholesale dealers also who supply nationwide. People of all income groups can find items which suite their needs and budget.
Someone has rightly said, “Even today, the quintessential image of Lahore is the river Ravi, a benevolent mother flowing around its wall, the Mughal grandeur or the Lahore Fort. These are all romantic notions of little consequence, it would be places like Hafeez Center and Royaute Luxury that would become the symbols of new Lahore.”

Recent Events

At least 500 shops were gutted on 18 Oct 2020 morning, with millions of rupees worth of equipment going up in flames due to a fire that was caused by a short circuit and spread rapidly attributed to the flammability of the products on display and in stock.
While no loss of life occurred, 25 people did have to be rescued from the center; all of them junior shop workers that sleep inside their shops at night. With more than 1,000 shops in the center, the second and third floors burnt down completely. The cream of the plaza is the ground floor and basement, but the overall damage to the building was estimated around 40%.

Visitors of Hafeez Center

Almost every tech savvy whether living in Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who needs mobile, computer hardware, laptops or related accessories visits it. In terms of foreigners, people from China, Afghanistan and India often visit for purchasing quality products at reasonable prices and for business meetings with importers and exporters having offices in Hafeez Centre.

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Hotels Near Hafeez Centre

There are a number of hotels in Gulberg. Just 1.5 Kilometers away from Hafeez Center, Royaute Luxury offers modern contemporary style boutiques experience for hoteliers. It stands not only for its extravagance but a world-class customer service to provide you a truly royal stay.
Royaute Luxury is a high-end Boutique Hotel located on MM Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore. Offering a 24-hour front desk, its great location, nice and cozy room, complimentary breakfast, very professional and friendly staff, always available Front Office Manager and ready to fulfill your requests, you can expect the best in hospitality and royal service during your stay.
Featuring a balcony, air-conditioned room, a flat-screen satellite TV, seating area with sofa and work desk, you can have all the facilities that you can normally expect. There is a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator in every room. Private bathroom comes with a shower, hairdryer and free toiletries. The dry cleaning, ironing service and laundry facilities are available. Certain suites here in Royaute Luxury Suites & Hotel, Lahore have a hot tub. Other facilities include free grocery deliveries, meeting room facilities and a shared business lounge. The property offers free parking on one of the busiest shopping streets in Pakistan.
It is very convenient for those planning to visit Lahore for shopping or business. It can be headquarter for your business activities in Lahore. You can access any part of the city without hassle, through Ferozepur Road, Jail Road, and Canal Road. Planning to visit Hafeez Centre in Lahore or any other business location, reserve your suite in Royaute Luxury Suites and Hotel in Gulberg Lahore Pakistan. Booking direct on official website offers many discounts and a number of benefits.

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